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Silent White Paladin

Kaiba’s been working for seven hours, and Mokuba is certain his brother should be rescued. But all of the game’s mechanics do need to be tested.

Written for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfiction Contest Forum on fanfiction.net, Round 1: Rivalshipping. Cross-posted here for posterity.

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Proto Prideshipping, 408 words. Coffee shop AU – "All I can see now is one of them spiting the other by always writing their name wrong on the coffee cup" from Usagisquared

"What did he do this time?"Collapse )
This is one of the very first pieces of fanfic I wrote; only a few snippets of larger pieces that are very, very abandoned are older. It's certainly the oldest "complete" piece. But the reason why I'm even posting it is because it's a piece that I come back to every so often. It's the only thing this old that I actually take seriously. It encapsulates within a pretty brief interaction the tone I aim for when writing a friendship between Kaiba and Atem. It's respect, and it has Kaiba looking out for Atem, but the relationship still comes off as arm's length, because it's based a lot on silence and things left unsaid.

So I come back to it every so often to check if my headcanons are still on track, to make sure I haven't swum off the deep end of the Prideshipping pool, all AND NOW THEY ARE BFFs AND TWU WUV. And I sometimes get surprised by how well the writing has held up, for a four year old oneshot. The OC is a little weird and he comes off as a bit amaturish, and he has some surprise!casual racism that I don't remember including on purpose. But the Kaiba and Atem part still has me nodding my head, like, "Yeah, that sounds about right," which is reassuring.

Untitled Oneshot (1337 words)Collapse )
Drabble Title: Terms of Lease
Word Count: 422
Warnings (if applicable): Genderbent!TKB
Pairings (if applicable): Gemshipping, Laddershipping (sort of)
Summary: Staring up at the ceiling of her former host's spacious apartment, the Queen of Thieves deeply regretted forgetting to take Bakura's ingenuity into account when she'd decided to pick a fight with him the moment they'd met face-to-face. She also regretted not having stopped him from buying the vacuum cleaner which was now pinned across her torso.

"Let me put this into terms I think you'll understand," Bakura panted.Collapse )


Drabble(-ish), 229 words. "Dollshipping, Fast food joint (either consumers or workers)"

"What toy did you get?" Ryou asked Amane over the top of his Happy Meal, but she was too busy snarfing down all the french fries that had fallen out of their box to hear him. He held up his miniature plastic Lady of Faith. "Amane. Amane!"

"What?" she mumbled around mouthful of potato.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," he said automatically, not that he thought she would listen. "What Duel Monster did you get? I want to trade."

She glanced at the Lady of Faith and started laughing at him. "She's so girly! She looks like you."

"Don't be so rude to your older brother!" he said. "I want to know what you got because I don't like it."

"I think you do!" she said as she started digging around in her bag, sneaking a couple more fries from underneath napkins between giggles. Halfway into a bite, she suddenly shrieked and threw a handful of plastic into his face.

"What? What is it?" he said.

"It's so creepy! You can take it!" She snatched the Lady of Faith out of his hands and dove back into her lunch. She didn't notice the way his eyes seemed to glisten as he looked at it and the unfamiliar smile that crept across his face, and she was too busy chewing to hear him murmur, "She's beautiful..."

Fighting Popularity

Don't mind me, just writing 1300-word "drabbles"

Consider it an extremely late entry to Tier 1 of Season 8.5 of the contest.

Anzu tries to make a new friend, but some people are easier to impress than others.Collapse )